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    1. Yes, they would appear in your JavaDocs, so that you can see exactly what was intended. For now we have made the retention to be runtime, but it might become class in future, depending on what tools we write.

  1. One thing that would be great, if possible is the ability to generate the pattern compile time for you, ala the work of Lombok (

    Maybe this can be coordinated with them.
    I know it would be difficult to do this with all patterns, but at least Buildern pattern is something that this can be applied too

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  18. That being said, the whole setup process and the fact that it is portable more than make up for its minor flaws.Q:

    How to consume wcf REST service using apache

    I have 2 wcf REST service over 2 different URL how to consume this 2 URL with generic handler in apache


    I created a generic handler in apache using this way

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  19. Also you can create easy navigation system in your site and perform actions such as assigning team members, checking if user has permissions to work in a project, etc.

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  21. However, a commenter on the program’s official support site questions the value of such tool. Besides granting you more control over your computing environment, the reviewer believes the software would be more useful for people who regularly use the right-click button on their touchpads.
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  22. You can choose between Traditional styling (Old Opera version 9) and shiny one (new Opera version 30):

    – Image: Calendar Opera Widget inside an IFrame

    The Date

    The image on the right shows you how it should look like when the date is changed.
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  23. this is required to schedule the recordings and view the recordings on the Hauppauge’s WinTV application.
    ■ On some systems the Hauppauge’s WinTV application may give an error during the initialization of the WinTVZilla application for installation of the Hauppauge’s WinTV application. In this case try again after closing the Hauppauge’s WinTV application and starting

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  24. Movavi Screen Recorder 2016 is a recording software that does what its name says; record anything you see on your computer screens like the end of a Skype call, listening to a music, play a game or watch a movie. With its intuitive interface and convenience of use, Movavi Screen Recorder 2016 allows you to start recording instantly. Its easy-to-use interface enables you to set options for important settings like screen recording aspect ratio, file type, language, codec, and

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    Automated gating is a common need in multiple research areas. Due to short sample availability, it is necessary to utilize automation strategies to reduce the workload by time and person. However, training personnel is always a bottleneck, consuming substantial time and resources. Gating is a subjective task wherein each individual has a significant impact on the final results. The software QTube is a web-based closed-loop gating analysis tool. Each channel within this application may be a gate versus

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  26. Once you define your goals, you can start developing plans for your schedule, break down work into task, and make yourself accountable.

    Office 2016 Productivity Power Tools – Collection 2014 – important

    New Windows found up Windows 10 and might now download productivity apps, or tolerate only Steam


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    Windows 10, version 1809, or W10 1809, is a new beginning for computers. Windows 10 1809 comes with

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  27. The only thing to bear in mind is that the MultiPrinter Port application itself is free of charge. But when an output is generated, a few minutes of your time is an inexpensive way of getting something to do.
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  28. Since I can’t accept that, Seagate is officially asking users to have read and understood the accompanying Readme.txt file, which provides the most basic instructions on what each tool in SeaTools for Windows does.
    It should also be noted that Seagate includes a block of users’ manuals in PDF format, located in the ‘My Drive’ section of the application.
    To sum up, SeaTools for Windows requires knowledge of computer terminologies (such as ‘

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  29. ■ Skale Music Decoder Plugin

    The only thing I don’t like about this is there is no way to say what song is on the disc. I discovered one album once, since it has the same name as another track, it has to be the same song. I would be nice to see the info on the disc so I’d know which song I’m listening to before buying it.Structural characterization of tubular ferroelectric material {Sr(1-

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  30. This is a time of great insult and reproach to the Free Software world. Hosting
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  32. Skill: Compiling Code in Visual Studio

    Lesson by: The Geek Facts Team

    The basis of all modern software development is the assembly and sometimes the partial compilation of the source code. This lesson will explore some of the basics of compiling and packaging source code into something useful for others.

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  33. Press and RunMultiple enhancements to the Built-in RAD_X-to-go links now allow right-clicking on each link and pressing the F2 key. It prompts you to run the link in a new browser, if the address is not already set, like with a URL in address bar.

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  37. Nevertheless, this is the best conventional Windows Midi track cutting tool, and it surely offers a lot for novice and intermediate users.
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  38. The difference between cacls command and permissions manager;

    cacls is run on local machine, permissions manager provides a way to set a permissions on a remote machine over any network. There are two other property pages (Icons page and edit permissions button);
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    Clicking on the other property page (Eg. Icons) leads to a different
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  39. System Requirements:
    Windows 2000/2003/Vista/2008/7 (32 or 64bit)
    Windows BIMP Batch Image Processor 2.1
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  40. TXTCNV now defaults to a codepage of “windows-1252” from a customizable point. It is mostly compiled under MSVC 2005 (greatly simplified for test from a unix g++-4.3.2 compilation on x32/x64 AMD-k6). It displays its result.

    The program now saves the new codepage information either in registry or temporary file and not in the same place as when the program is called the first time.
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  41. The value of cusp height in the morphological analysis of endodontically treated teeth.
    The aim of the present study was to analyse the morphologic features of proximal and distal cervical cusps of endodontically treated teeth and correlate these with their clinical behavior. Photographs of the teeth were obtained, and the height of the cusps was analysed. The positions and morphologic features of the cervical cusps from the photographs were classified into one of five different
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  42. Skype Translator Pro 2.0.4
    Skype Translator Pro is an advanced software application designed to translate Skype chat messages in real time. It comes loaded with several intuitive options that can be figured out by all user levels.
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  46. Easy to use
    Paint Studio is a simple and lightweight solution. The only tedious part of it is actually the fact that it doesn’t offer a feature that allows you to save images in multiple formats. Some of the features include adjustable zoom, rotate, invert, adjust colors, copy and paste, auto crop and much more.
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  47. Using partitions means dividing and multiplying a table into several pieces. In this article, I’ll give you an introduction to partitioning MySQL database on Mac OS. You might also want to read the tutorials on use of partitioning on how to use MySQL on Mac OS in MySQL tutorial.

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  57. Apart from that, we like the application’s great feature set in general, even more so given its Windows 10 support. Setting the encryption, the security, and the duration of the disk is easy. We always enjoy when an application offers such user-friendliness, and R-Crypto keeps everything so easy you’ll be done in no time.


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